Farm animals by Lily

Our daughter Lily has a great artistic eye. She loves our character cards and wanted to do something similar for her birthday invitations this summer. Below is her slideshow of the animals she photographed.

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Day 2: Review

I ate healthfully.

I brought partially completed stage props to have others view them. I brought crafty stage props to get help – I asked for help.

I collected my wardrobe photos for review.

I got up at the 2nd alarm instead of the third for the 2nd day in a row.

Not super successful, but a little progress counts.

Day 1: Review

I tried to eat right. I said no to the snacks and candy that I really wanted.

I took things I’m getting rid of and put them in my car to take to the thrift store.

I moisturized with coconut oil and attempted an oil-pull but gagged.

I started compiling monthly bills to create my budget.

a new Leaf for Lent

leaf   We are creating a new “show”. A transformation show. A combination of several of our favorite makeover shows.

Each participant will take 6 things they want to change in their lives. They will list them easiest to hardest (like DR does with debts). Small goals that are easily accomplished first. Slowly building confidence and drive toward the hardest goals.

Nightly journal entries on video preferred, but written is good too. Before and after photos.

We’ll also try out some new methods, products, and ideas. Or maybe some old fashioned ideas as well. Keeping track of it all for posterity and inspiration for others.